Airdrop distribution for all participants who claimed via old smart contract

Hello our Barley Finance users,

We are so sorry for the inconvenience for the participants who have claimed BLY tokens via our old smart contract address: 0x523ac9983F0b0d9db597beC40C5318Feb8A86859

In this announcement, we would like to inform an important information for all participants who hasn’t received BLY token and claimed BLY token via old smart contract address: 0x523ac9983F0b0d9db597beC40C5318Feb8A86859. You will not need to reclaim via new smart contract address to get your BLY token. Barley Finance will distribute BLY token to your wallet soon as long as you succeed to claim via one of our smart contracts: 0x523ac9983F0b0d9db597beC40C5318Feb8A86859 <or> 0x345963d7d6cd958662F1e0250673b63A9F61Ad41

We understand your inconvenient to pay for the transaction fee to claim the reward specially when gas fee is getting higher and hope this ANN will pleased our BLY fans.

Thank you,
Barley Finance

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