Defi, Dapp and its potential

The advent of blockchain technology has disrupted almost all industries.

Blockchain becomes the potential solution for existing problems in the most modern way. Two such industries reformed by blockchain technology are investment and finance. Decentralized structures like blockchain will be the gold standard for investment, and will undoubtedly bring revolutions in the traditional finance system existing in the market today. DeFi (Decentralized Finance) will make a game-changing impact on different economic dimensions of the world.

Barley Finance uses decentralized finance to address the flaws in the current investment systems, which includes giving unbanked access to the investment system. Barley Finance offers robust security, and improved transparency while replacing the traditional outdated finance systems.

Defi And its potential

Defi or decentralized finance is an open finance ecosystem that has the potential to create a global, decentralized alternative to the finance and investment services that exist today. It includes decentralized exchanges (DEX), staking protocols, crypto lending, and investments. Investment is not anymore a luxury. It is a basic need that everyone needs to make living. DeFi will make finance and investment services available for everyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. The modus operandi of DeFi is to bring 1.6 billion people into the global economic system, who are unbanked. Having people without bank accounts or investment opportunities loudly tells out the failure of the traditional finance system.

DeFi is more about security and transparency. Rules and regulations are programmed as smart contracts in the blocks and are enforced automatically without fail. DeFi makes governance of the investment sector easier by making it automated and secured. So, the blockchain acts as a distributed shared ledger which is the legal evidence for data. The use of blockchain in investment increases the importance of data ownership, data auditability, and transparency. Thus, DeFi will offer unique advantages over traditional investment systems.

What makes DeFi Applications Unique?

Decentralized Finance has been the best innovation in the blockchain space and has made a lot of revolutions in investment, finance, and market-making sectors. There is no alternative to the DeFi application when it comes to liquidity. The DeFi applications are permissionless as there are no custodians. DeFi brings a variety of new applications to the market and the notable one is yield farming which allows the farmers to yield money using permissionless liquidity protocols. It is possible for literally anyone in the world to earn passive income using their cryptocurrencies through the decentralized ecosystem of Barley Finance built on the ERC-20 network. Yield farming may change the way how investors HODL in the future.

A decentralized finance platform that make use of clever strategy to help you earn good rewards with your cryptocurrency

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