The reasons why you haven’t received you BLY token

Dear our BLY users,

We have received many reports from our BLY giveaway campaign participants about their failure to get BLY rewards. We would like to summary some often reasons when users participate in our first campaign which caused missed cases:

1/ Lacking of gas fee

If you created your transaction to claim BLY rewards when network fees are experiencing big fluctuations and you set the rate of gas fee at the lowest level then your transaction might fail. This failure transaction caused failure to claim rewards.

Because this one is an objective reason, we are so sorry for not able to support you in this case. On the other side, you can try to claim your BLY token again with a higher rate of gas fee or try again later (when the network condition is better). Setting a high or medium rate of gas fee is always better for your transaction.

Read our ANN here:

2/ Claim via old smart contract

You can read our ANN for this case here:

3/ You haven’t completed the process to get rewards

Please remember that after connecting successfully, you have to click on “WITHDRAW BLY TO WALLET” on the homepage in order to complete all steps and requirements to get our token.

Check our guidelines here:


If you are not in any of the above cases, please send us and email to to get our best service.

Thank you,

Barley Finance

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